Replacement Composite Front Doors


Two front doors to report on this week, both for different clients in Fetcham and both made of composite material from Solidor. The quality and price of composite doors now make them a very realistic alternative to hard or soft wood doors, with the added benefit that the various options can be viewed online and the door can be designed by the client before asking for a quote.

Both of the existing front doors were soft wood doors, about 20 years old and were starting to rot, so that they were also becoming hard to close due to swelling.

One door was for a customer where I had recently replaced all her windows. She knew I would be reliable and deliver high quality work. The second customer came through a referral. I was able to quote for both hard wood and composite doors, and the quotes met those of other companies they had approached.

Each door was fitted and installed within 3 weeks from the order and each took about 3 hours to install. The lighter coloured door is French Grey and the darker colour door is Anthracite Grey.