Replacement Back Door in Bookham

An example this week why a smaller, more agile company can be better than one of the larger ‘nationals’. Our client from Bookham found us by recommendation on NextDoor (an increasingly useful Community resource for recommendations of all sorts). She chose us because we are local and had good recommendations.

The back door to her home was leaking badly every time it rained and we solved this problem with a brand new ALUK aluminium slim door. Although a uPVC door could have been used, the door gets a lot of wear and tear so the aluminium option was chosen as it will be more durable over the long term.

Unlike larger companies, we can turn around an order for an aluminium door in just 7 days, in comparison to larger companies who can often take 6-7 weeks.

We installed it for her in just 3 hours and she was delighted.