Traditionally, a Conservatory was a building attached to the main house and built primarily as a place to grow plants. Modern home-owners however use a conservatory as an extension of the main house, as a wonderful new space to relax and entertain in. They call it anything from a conservatory to an orangery, sun-room or garden room.

Most of us know what a Conservatory looks like, but in the UK the legal definition of a conservatory is that it is a building with at least 50% of its side walls and 75% of its roof area comprised of glass or polycarbonate glazing.

Orangeries take the concept of a Conservatory to the next level and include brickwork to create the feel of an incredibly airy garden room, normally with an atrium or Lantern style roof. Although there is occasionally confusion as to the difference between a conservatory and orangery, the easiest way to look at it is that an Orangery bridges the gap between a conservatory and a fully loaded single storey extension.

A Skyroom is best described as ‘More Sky, Less Roof’ by Atlas, the industry leaders in this new concept. A Skyroom combines the solid walls of an orangery or extension with a very large expanse of high glass roof. Made possible by recent innovations in structural engineering and lightweight materials, the super slim frames support large panes of glass that simply seem to float in the sky.

At TP Improvements we have worked closely with Atlas as they have developed the new Skyroom concept and we can now offer their complete range of Skyroom solutions to our clients. Take a look at some of the photos to the right to get an idea of the versatility offered by a Skyroom or have a read of the Atlas Skyrooms Brochure.

Whether you prefer a Conservatory, an Orangery or a Skyroom, the options are numerous, so if you are interested please give Tom a call for a detailed explanation of what can be achieved.


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