Replacement Composite Front Doors


Two front doors to report on this week, both for different clients in Fetcham and both made of composite material from Solidor. The quality and price of composite doors now make them a very realistic alternative to hard or soft wood doors, with the added benefit that the various options can be viewed online and the door can be designed by the client before asking for a quote.

Both of the existing front doors were soft wood doors, about 20 years old and were starting to rot, so that they were also becoming hard to close due to swelling.

One door was for a customer where I had recently replaced all her windows. She knew I would be reliable and deliver high quality work. The second customer came through a referral. I was able to quote for both hard wood and composite doors, and the quotes met those of other companies they had approached.

Each door was fitted and installed within 3 weeks from the order and each took about 3 hours to install. The lighter coloured door is French Grey and the darker colour door is Anthracite Grey.

Replacement of a Tired Aluminium Front Door – Banstead

It is always nice to win work where we have been referred to the client by a previous, very satisfied customer. This was the case in Banstead where our new clients had just moved into their new home and wished to replace their existing aluminium front door and tired timber surround. They had come to us through a friend, who had kindly said that our service was excellent from start to finish.

Whilst there were a number of options to choose from, a PVCu replacement matched their budget and we provided a front door from Solidor, in our opinion one of the best and most innovative door companies on the market. They even have an App that can design these types of front doors on a mobile phone, which helps a lot when showing customers the huge variety of options they have on offer.

We got started within 3 weeks of the initial survey and took just 4 days to complete the work, from start to finish. If you are after a quick turnaround, we are able to offer far quicker installations than the larger companies, who lack the agility and response we pride ourselves on.

The client was very pleased.


Replacement Back Door in Bookham

An example this week why a smaller, more agile company can be better than one of the larger ‘nationals’. Our client from Bookham found us by recommendation on NextDoor (an increasingly useful Community resource for recommendations of all sorts). She chose us because we are local and had good recommendations.

The back door to her home was leaking badly every time it rained and we solved this problem with a brand new ALUK aluminium slim door. Although a uPVC door could have been used, the door gets a lot of wear and tear so the aluminium option was chosen as it will be more durable over the long term.

Unlike larger companies, we can turn around an order for an aluminium door in just 7 days, in comparison to larger companies who can often take 6-7 weeks.

We installed it for her in just 3 hours and she was delighted.

Front Door and Bi-Fold rear door

“TP Improvements recently installed a new front door and Bi-Fold at my residential property. The work was carried out quickly and professionally and at a great price. I would not hesitate in recommending TP Improvements.” 

Gary Saunderson, Leatherhead.

Replacing a rotting sash with a hard wood version retains the unique character of the entrance way. – TP Improvements

We carried out two pieces of work on the same house this week for a client in Leatherhead. Gary had been referred to us by his brother, who had been very pleased with some windows we had installed for him.


At the front of the house, the old style timber front door was starting to rot, so we replaced the sash with a new hardwoood version, keeping the unique framework in place which gave the entrance to the house its character.


At the rear, an old sliding door had stopped sliding. The client wanted a more open plan living room space that could be used more flexibly in the Summer, so the installation of bi-fold doors was an ideal solution for this customer. As you can see bi-folds offer exceptional access to the decking area when the weather is warm. The entire job took one and a half days and at a significantly cheaper price than would have been the case with a larger company.



A new set of bi-fold doors replaced a sliding door that had ceased sliding – TP Improvements

Bi-fold doors are a great option to open up a living space and provide access to the Garden or Deck – TP Improvements









New Aluminium Solid Front Doors

New Aluminium Front Door

“A completely professional service from the first survey to the final installation. Nothing is too much trouble and the men were all very experienced and all of the work was completed to a first class standard. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and his company, the service he provided was excellent and the quality is very high. It really was a pleasure to do business with TP Improvements.”

A job for a Bookham based client who once again found me on NextDoor, clicked on the website and got in touch because we are local and she likes to support local companies. NextDoor seems to be increasingly popular for people seeking recommendations for tradespeople of all types.

The householder had a wooden front door which kept on binding in the Winter and she was after a door that was maintenance free. One of the joys of not being restricted to a single company’s products is that you can offer a wide range of stylish doors in a variety of colours and styles. We offered the customer a selection of doors in PVC, composite material and aluminium. As we had already installed a set of aluminium bi-fold doors and an aluminium back door to the rear of her property she opted to stick to what was already working well.

There is a new range of aluminium doors on the market, and we selected one of these from a new supplier which was stylish, modern and secure. All installed within a day and the client was overjoyed with the result:

An impressive, stylish and secure aluminium front door to replace a wooden one that used to swell up in the Winter – TP Improvements.