Refurbishment of Gable End Picture Window

This rather unusual job featured the renovation of a large triangle shaped picture window for a client in East Horsley. They found me through NextDoor ( the successor to StreetLife.  NextDoor is a clever social network for local neighbourhoods and a great way of finding local tradespeople and recommendations from neighbours.

The impressive gable end window of their home extends from floor to ceiling and is over 4 and half metres tall. Whilst the glass and remainder of the frame was in good order, the bottom wooden Sill was rotting away and the entire window was in danger of becoming structurally quite dangerous.

Whilst we normally install new windows, there was an opportunity here to repair the damage and save the householder a considerable expense. As a qualified carpenter I was able to replace the wooden Sill and restore it to its former glory, without removing the window – a job that few of the larger companies would have been interested in, or even capable of doing. It was all done in a day and the customer was very pleased.

Before – the rotten sill was making the entire structure dangerous

The finished window, with the woodwork rebuilt and restored to its original glory